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Health, wellness and prevention are my passions. I graduated in 1992 from Abilene Christian University with a degree in Home Economics Education. I taught eight years in Roswell, New Mexico. My program emphasized foods and nutrition and provided me with a wealth of training and experience. It was a perfect fit.

I wanted a more active role in health care and returend to school to pursue my passion for helping others achieve a greater level of wellness. In May 2004, I graduated with a degree in Oriental Medicine. In my practice, I see some common obstacles to maintaining good heatlh, including: Anger, Stress, Depression and Food Choices.

Many resources are available to deal with these obstacles and achieve greater levels of health. With my Ways to Wellness I present simple techniques for maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Techniques include:

My experience as an educator and passion for heatlh, wellness and prevention allow me to cut to the chase and provide concise, timely information we all need. I don't want a health crisis to be the wake up call that motivates change. My goal for everyone is a proactive, preventive approach.

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