Current Newsletter

Our bodies change with the seasons. We don't often think about this living in a high-tech world, but it's good to periodically check in with ourselves and examine our levels of fitness and wellness. With the barrage of health information we constantly have to filter through its easy to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. With a background in nutrition I have been teaching wellness principles for several years. As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine I developed a program called "Ways to Wellness" that identifies eight elements to promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Some of these elements include meditation, exercise, and nutrition.

If you need some help getting started or back on track, "Ways to Wellness" is a good place to begin. I am available for free 20 minute individual consultations or large group presentations. If you do nothing else, have 2 servings of fruit and 3 servings of vegetables today (and no, potato chips and French fries do not count as a vegetable!). Go for a walk when you get home. Take a few minutes to pull back from everything and breathe (and no, enjoying a beer in the recliner doesn't count!).

Wishing you great health,

Brenda Petty, DOM